- Kej Kim - 김 예 지 -

Recent Performance


A Tree

29th June - 1st July, 2023
George Wood Theatre, London

“Mother, who am I?”
“You are a tree.”
“I like that I’m a tree. Trees don’t hurt anyone.”

A tree that breathes life, can rely on people as a tree, and misses its mother as a young child.

The tree watches the birth and death of people in one place throughout its whole life. It chooses to hug sadness rather than happiness, watching them disappear when war breaks out and massacre occurs.

Recent Exhibition


26th April - 1st May, 2022
Eulji-ro JOONG-JUNG, Seoul

Dots gather to form lines, and lines gather to form planes. ‘Lines’ that hold a meaning of a ‘process’.

Theater productions is all I’ve/we’ve done since graduating Art college. We get a peek at a person who once stayed locked away in a room and only drew, and who is still most comfortable with pencils. Through the art exhibition and not a play, through the ‘line’, we can get a glimpse of that person.

Until these tiny dots and lines can cross space and time – Someday.

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